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Jane Carvell

I am a Certified Action Coach and Business Growth Specialist.


About Me

I am a Certified Shadow Work Group Facilitator and Coach; Shiatsu and NLP Practitioner and a Business Growth Specialist.

I have spent over twenty five years working as a strategic leader and coach inspiring positive change with people and organisations.   I am also a facilitator for Women In Power CIC and a Director of Women Within UK.

My work is creative, people centred and focused on enabling transformation through reflective and active processes.

I am passionate about enabling others to uncover their gifts that have been hidden or discarded. To fully step into their lives, with all the parts of themselves, in an authentic and powerful way.

Testimony "...I was particularly struck by her compassionate holding and witnessing, which allowed a part of me, which really didn't want to be seen, to feel safe, and to open out and be worked through." A.G 2017


Thought-Based Approach

Online Coaching and Mentoring

Guidance & Inspiration

What is really in the way of you being and having what you need and want for your life?  What would it be like if you could really start being and having the life that is rightfully yours?

I hold a space that is person centred, enabling transformation through reflective practice

Explore and understand your self limiting patterns and behaviours that are currently restricting your growth. Step forward with all the parts of yourself in an authentic and powerful way,and find a new way of experiencing your life

Shadow Work Group Facilitation and one to one Coach

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Shadow Work invites you to uncover the parts of you that you have put away for one reason or another.  When the weight of the bag slows you down and prevents you from being who you really want to be, it is time to open it up. It is time to find a safe place to look in the bag, examine its contents and see what needs to come back out.

Business Growth Specialist

Learn, Deliver, Succeed

I am Business Growth Specialist and a skilled, Business Coach. I have a breadth of experience working with business owners, strategic leadership teams and not for profit organisations.

I bring an enquiry led, evidence based approach to enable you to identify and change your self limiting patterns and behaviours that will improve your business and ultimately your life. 


“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius


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